Who are we?

The unexposed collective is a platform for active and emerging women, non-binary and intersex street photographers. The purpose of the collective is for the unexposed to be ‘exposed’ within the street photography community. In 2020, two new branches of Unexposed were formed, Unexposed South Asia and Unexposed Australasia.

The collective was co-founded by Julia Coddington and Rebecca Wiltshire - two Australian based street photographers who are passionate about the inclusivity of women and NB people in the street photography genre. Our branches are co-founded and co-managed by Debrani Das (South Asia), Linda Maclean and Susan Brunialti (Australasia).

But why is it called a ‘collective’?

By calling our group a collective we hope to redefine the notion of a collective in street photography terms. The unexposed ‘collective’ is inclusive of all genders but will feature and promote work by women, intersex and NB people.

We aim to:

- increase the visibility of women and NB people in the street photography community within the regions and internationally

- build an active and engaged community of street photographers within Australia and the international context

- create a supportive and collaborative community for women and NB street photographers

- learn from each other and improve the quality of our work

- share information and resources relevant to street and women/NB people in street photography

- provide opportunities for gatherings where we can meet, shoot together and learn from each other

Our platforms include our Facebook group 'unexposed collective' and Instagram @unexp_collective


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