Our August 2018 theme was 'Legs' and members were asked to post street photos relating to the theme. We certainly had a lot of fun with this challenge!

Our challenges are designed to encourage people to get out and shoot.  The images below feature our favourite photos posted on Instagram and Facebook.

Kirsty Greenland


Libby Holmsen


Lou McPhee 


Floyd Perrin 


Ushi Grant 


Evelyn Campbell 


Simone Depeak


Linda MacLean 


Deb Kent


Adele Bishop


Bernadette Geraghty


Kathy Chapman 


Maria Mafla 


Kim Walvisch


Jo Kalinowksi


Rachael Willis 


Kerry Faulkner 


Janie Barrett @janiebarrettphotos

Rebecca Wiltshire @rebeccawiltshire

Sally Ann Ehms 


Catherine Matthys @catherine_matthys

Fabiana Canepa


Janine Ward @janiewphotography

Angela Barrow 


Renata Filpot 


Karyn Fearnside


Julie Begg


Annie J


Marg Alexander


Julia Coddington


Emma Yench


Assunta Russo


Adele Bishop


Simone Cheung @simonecheungphotogrphy

Cheri Desailly @cheridesailly

Lara McDonnell @loopy_lara

Kirsty Greenland 


Stefanie Zingsheim @stefanie_zingsheim

Karyn Fearnside


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