RED challenge

Our March 2018 theme was RED.  Members were asked to post street photos featuring red. 

Our challenges are designed to encourage people to get out and shoot.  The images below feature our favourite photos posted on Instagram and Facebook.

Tamika Peterson @consciousvoid

Linda MacLean @linda_maclean_

Catherine Matthys @catherine_matthys


Suzanne Sheridan @suzanne_nyc

Brydie Piaf @brydiepiaf

Rosie England @rosiebondi

Amal Tofiali Bleed @toffyinc

Martine Lanser @martinelanser


Rebecca Wiltshire @rebeccawiltshire

Susan Brunialti @susanbrunialti

Janie Barrett @janiebarrettphotos

Renata @rendogie

Deb Field @thephotonews

Maureen Jafrey

Ariane Madden Neale @___a___m___n___

Kerry Faulkner @kerryfaulk

Sally Scott @sallysscott100

Lisa Maree Williams @lmwfoto

Rosalie Nielson @rosalie_nilson

Olga Lalazaryan @olga_lalazaryan

Maria Nicolaci @snaphappy126

Christine MacMahon @redmacrosse

Sari Sutton @sari.sutton

Assunta Russo @assunta13

Lou Lou McPhee @loulou_mcphee

Deb Kent @deb1066

Libby Holmsen @libby_holmsen

Kathy Chapman

Lynn Gail @lynngail.street

Georgia Curry @georgia_in_canberra

Steffen Tuck @steffentuck

Kerry Baylor @kerrymb

Kim B. @sublurb

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