Summer challenge

Our inaugural challenge in February 2018 theme was summer.  Members were asked to post their summer - themed street photos. 

Our challenges are designed to encourage people to get out and shoot.  The images below feature our favourite photos posted on Instagram and Facebook.

Rachael Willis @thebowerbirdgirl

Martine Lanser @martinelanser

Rosie English @rosiebondi

Lou Lou McPhee @louloumcphee

Kerry Faulkner @kerryfaulk

Linda MacLean @linda_maclean_

Brydie Piaf @brydiepiaf

Maria Mafla @marialaphotographie

LIsa Clarke @lisaclarkephoto

Catherine Matthys @catherine_matthys

Vanessa Bertagnole @vanessabertagnole

Rebecca Wiltshire @rebeccawiltshire

Janie Barrett @janiebarrettphotos

Annette Widitz @dawa_life and @dawa_lhamo

Julia Coddington @juliacoddington

Maria Nicolaci @snap_happy126

Suzanne Sheridan @suzanne_nyc

Jo Kalinowski

Karin Gottschalk 

Katherine Millard @iwasoutwalking

Deb Kent @deb1066

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